Handel-CodePipeline File

Handel-CodePipeline requires you to specify a pipeline specification file, which contains information on how your pipeline should be configured. This specification file must be named handel-codepipeline.yml. It doesn’t contain any secrets, so it may be committed to your repository alongside your Handel file.

Handel-CodePipeline File Specification

The Handel-Codepipeline file is a YAML file that has the following schema:

version: 1

name: <app_name>

    - type: <phase_type>
      name: <phase_name>

The above file schema shows that you can specify one or more pipelines, giving them a unique <pipeline_name>. In each pipeline, you specify an ordered series of phases. Each phase has a <type> and a <name>. The type field is defined by Handel-Codepipeline, and the name field is one that you specify.

In addition, you must specify a top-level name field, which is a string you choose for the overall name of your application.

Each phase then has additional parameters that are specific to the phase type. See the Supported Pipeline Phase Types section for information on each phase type.


The first two phases are required to be of a certain type. The first phase must be a source code action type such as github. The second phase must be a build action type such as codebuild.