Slack Notify

The Slack Notify phase type configures a pipeline phase to send a notification to a Slack channel.


Parameter Type Required Default Description
type string Yes slack_notify This must always be slack_notify for the Slack Notify phase type.
name string Yes   The value you want to show up in the CodePipeline UI as your phase name.
message string Yes   The message to send to the Slack channel when this phase executes.
channel string Yes   The Slack channel you wish to send to. This can either be a username, such as “@dsw88”, or a channel, such as “#mydeploys”.


In the channel parameter above, make sure that you put your channel names in quotes, since YAML treats the # character as a comment and will cause your Handel-CodePipeline file to be invalid.


In addition to the parameters specified in your handel-codepipeline.yml file, this phase will prompt you for the following secret information when creating your pipeline:

  • Slack notify URL

This is not saved in your handel-codepipeline.yml file because by having this URL others can also post to your Slack instance.

Example Phase Configuration

This snippet of a handel-codepipeline.yml file shows the GitHub phase being configured:

version: 1

    - type: slack_notify
      name: Notify
      channel: "#mydeployschannel"
      message: Successfully deployed the app!