The CloudFormation phase type configures a pipeline phase to deploy a CloudFormation template


Parameter Type Required Default Description
type string Yes cloudformation This must always be cloudformation for the CloudFormation phase type.
name string Yes   The value you want to show up in the CodePipeline UI as your phase name.
template_path string Yes   The path in your repository to your CloudFormation template.
deploy_role string Yes   The role CloudFormation will use to create your role. This role must already exist in your account and must be assumable by CloudFormation.


This phase type doesn’t prompt for any secrets when creating the pipeline.

Example Phase Configuration

This snippet of a handel-codepipeline.yml file shows the CloudFormation phase being configured:

version: 1

    - type: cloudformation
      name: Deploy
      template_path: cf-stack.yml
      deploy_role: myservicerole