Invoke Lambda

The Invoke Lambda phase type configures a pipeline phase to execute an arbitrary Lambda function in your account.


Parameter Type Required Default Description
type string Yes invoke_lambda This must always be invoke_lambda for the Invoke Lambda phase type.
name string Yes   The value you want to show up in the CodePipeline UI as your phase name.
function_name string Yes   The name of the Lambda function you wish to invoke in this phase.
function_parameters map<string, string> No   An object of parameter values to pass into the Lambda function.


This phase type doesn’t prompt for any secrets when creating the pipeline.

Example Phase Configuration

This snippet of a handel-codepipeline.yml file shows the GitHub phase being configured:

version: 1

    - type: invoke_lambda
      name: InvokeMyFunction
      function_name: my_function_name_to_invoke
        myParam1: hello
        myParam2: world