The CodeCommit phase type configures a pipeline phase to pull source code from CodeCommit. The pipeline is launched when code is pushed to CodeCommit on the specified branch. The first phase of every pipeline created with Handel-CodePipeline must be a source code phase such as this CodeCommit type.


Parameter Type Required Default Description
type string Yes codecommit This must always be codecommit for the CodeCommit phase type.
name string Yes   The value you want to show up in the CodePipeline UI as your phase name.
repo string Yes   The name of the CodeCommit repository containing the source code that will build and deploy in the pipeline.
branch string No master The name of the Git branch in the repository from which the pipeline will be invoked.


This phase type doesn’t prompt for any secrets when creating the pipeline.

Example Phase Configuration

This snippet of a handel-codepipeline.yml file shows the CodeCommit phase being configured:

version: 1

    - type: codecommit
      name: Source
      owner: byu-oit-appdev
      repo: aws-credential-detector
      branch: master