Using Handel-CodePipeline

Handel-CodePipeline is a command-line utility that you can use to facilitate creation of CodePipelines that use the Handel library for deployment. This page details how to use this library.

AWS Permissions

When you run Handel-CodePipeline to deploy a new pipeline, you must run it with a set of AWS IAM credentials that have administrator privileges. This is because Handel-CodePipeline creates roles for the deploy phase of the pipeline that have administrator privileges.

Once the pipeline is deployed, it will only use the created role for deployments, so you won’t need to keep the user around with administrator privileges. Since human users are recommended to have non-administrative permissions, it is recommended you use a temporary user with admin permissions to create the pipeline, then delete that user once the pipeline is created.

Creating New Pipelines

To deploy a new pipeline, do the following:

  1. Create a new Handel-CodePipeline File in your repository.

  2. Install Handel-CodePipeline:

    npm install -g handel-codepipeline
  3. Ensure you have your AWS credentials configured on the command line.

    # This command will prompt you for your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Keys
    aws configure


    If you specified a profile when running aws configure above, you’ll need to make Handel-CodePipeline aware of which profile to use by setting the AWS_PROFILE environment variable.

    For example, if you configured your credentials in a profile named my-account, you’ll run export AWS_PROFILE=my-account on Mac/Linux to set the environment variable that tells Handel-CodePipeline which profile to use.

  4. Run Handel-CodePipeline:

    handel-codepipeline deploy
  5. Handel-CodePipeline will walk you through a series of questions, asking you to provide further input:

    Welcome to the Handel CodePipeline setup wizard
    ? Please enter the name of the pipeline from your handel-codepipeline.yml file that you would like to deploy prd
    ? Please enter the name of the account where your pipeline will be deployed my-account
    ? Please enter the path to the directory containing the Handel account configuration files /path/to/account/config/files
    ? Please enter a valid GitHub access token (CodePipeline will use this to pull your repo) SOMEFAKETOKEN

After you provide the appropriate input, Handel-CodePipeline will deploy the pipeline with the specified phases.